Lorena (Rena) House, LPCC-S, CCTP

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Hi! I’m Rena, a compassionate and dedicated Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC), Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP), and Certified Hypnotherapist with over a decade of experience helping individuals navigate life’s challenges. I am trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy, specializing in trauma treatment and emotional healing.

With a master’s degree in counseling from Michigan State University, I employ an integrative approach to therapy, combining EMDR with cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), mindfulness, and hypnotherapy to address the unique needs of each client.

I’m particularly passionate about the transformative power of EMDR and somatic healing approaches. Through innovative techniques like EMDR, I help clients reprocess traumatic memories, reduce emotional reactivity, and restore a sense of safety and empowerment. I also incorporate cognitive-behavioral techniques to address maladaptive thought patterns and behaviors, mindfulness to promote self-awareness and present-moment awareness, and hypnotherapy to access the subconscious mind and facilitate positive change.

In addition to my clinical work, I hold the designation of Supervising LPCC, allowing me to mentor and guide aspiring counselors as they navigate their own professional journeys. I’m committed to ongoing professional development and stay abreast of the latest research and advancements in the field of counseling. I’m dedicated to helping my clients achieve lasting change and live fulfilling lives.

In our sessions, you can expect a warm and empathetic space where you are truly seen and heard. Through Person-Centered Therapy, I strive to create a collaborative and empowering environment where you can explore your thoughts, feelings, and experiences at your own pace.

If you’re ready to take the first step towards healing and growth, I’m here to support you on your journey.


Ohio License # E.2202847-SUPV

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